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Shahrul Hisham Ahmad Tarmizi
The Wedding of Puteri Betung
1920px x 1080px, 30 fps Animation

This work is illustrated based on the story of Meurah and Puteri Betung. I intended to draw these two characters in a photo album as tales of love and marriage. This work reminded me a lot of Ismail Zain’s painting titled ‘The Marriage of Sultan Mansor Shah’ (1991). For me love is our self-fulfilment that is realized through a source of wisdom.

In mythology, the concept of duality such as man and woman, good and bad, angels and demons and even life and death have potentially bonded with my ground of consciousness and unconsciousness. It senses the beauty of nature and state of being. ‘The Wedding of Puteri Betung’ is my imagination of the romantic tales of nobility, but ironically it is also the beginning to the dark side of mythological narratives such as pain, destruction, revenge and war.

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