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Shahrul Hisham Ahmad Tarmizi
Edited Quest
1920px x 1080px, 30 fps Animation

This work is my first attempt to debut a series of my animations. At the beginning of my research, I was not so familiar with animated drawings but I had the intention to aim myths as a vehicle of my consciousness. This work, titled ‘Edited Quest’, appreciates the idea of archetypes that are transferrable to visible memory.

I visualized myself holding a bow that transforms into a clothes hanger, symbolizing a hero being thrown into quest. This work is departing from my previous Inderaputera series of drawings that portray the possession of origin and self-identity. I describe and relocate myself by imagining typical hero acts that occur during a quest such as departure, fulfilment and return which can be shown as the dreams of a hero. For me an ordinary object such as a clothes hanger remains from my childhood. I always used it as a bow to play pretend hunting with my brother. The black and white colour depicts the hero within me in a positive and negative persona to embody the consciousness and unconsciousness.

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